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About Katerina Atapina


Artist Statement of Katerina Atapina
As an artist in Canada, I continue painting world of my imagination. Through my personal journey as an artist, a woman and an immigrant, I am still looking for my ideal home. For me personally, it has been 10 years since I graduated witha Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. I am an artist and continue bringing my contribution to the community of Markham. Now I try my best and teach kids and adults art classes in Thornhill. I have my professional studio from 2003 .


Oil and Acrylic Painting

Through my work I encourage other people to create art and see world as a wonderful place. My dreams are bright and they bring positive energy and harmony.

I am an artist whose work is inspired by the complex world around me. I paint using oils with an unusual, positive palate of colors, which is inspired by my dreams, memories of my homeland, Canada and places where I have been. My paintings are an interplay between the two worlds - ideal and real, which promotes the revealing of a thread from the beauty of the past to the present, from the imaginary to existing places. Memories and experiences of growing up in Belarus allow me to draw upon inspiration of a subject. During my childhood, I became fascinated by building my own world in my dreams and trying to paint the world the way I see it.

Latest News

01.06.2011 | Summer classes
Summer Animation workshops

Unique 3D clay,card making, batik, wax painting workshops.Come and join us for 1-2 hours of FuN !!!


08.03.2011- 27.03.2011| Art show
Markham art show -Hospitality Gallery

Markvill shopping center Markham

22.11.2010- 23.11.2010| Art show
Celebration of Life Art and Unique Gift Show

Gates of Zion Centre 7775 Yonge St. in Thornhill

25.05.2010- 7.06.2010| Art show
Markham Markham Arts Concil Art Show and Sale

Unionville, Gallery One, Main street ,Markham

Past Art Series I created

Recent Series I work on


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Fine Arts and Folk Arts)

Advanced Graphic Design Diploma with Honors (Image and Corporate Majors)

Markham Art council member

Provincial RGD member